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Alligator Mild Sticks 5 Pack

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Alligator meat is an exotic meat that you won't find everyday! The most prized meat from an alligator comes from the tail, yielding the most tender white meat with a soft, smooth texture. Darker meat comes from the body of the alligator. Buffalo Bob's® Alligator meat is one of the most lean and healthy meats you can find anywhere! The alligator meat used in these meat snacks has been farm-raised in the USA! 

We have two varieties of alligator snacks available; Jerky & Meat Sticks in three different flavors which are Alligator BBQ, Alligator Cajun and Alligator Mild. Check out the selection of our Alligator meat Jerky and Meat Sticks individually listed on our website. All jerky and meat sticks are mixed with about 10% beef.